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Taizé The road in Taizé The old church in Taizé The wall of the old church In the old church The old church in Taizé The grave of brother Roger The church in Ameugny In the church in Ameugny Cows near Taizé A cross in Taizé In Taizé A wall in Taizé Brother John is talking Brother John Dinner in Taizé Bells in Taizé Bells are inviting for prayers Bells The Church of Reconciliation in Taizé Silence, the entrance to the church Taking photographs in the church is allowed only from 13:00 to 14:00 Lit candles and praying people after midday prayer stayed a whille after 13:00 and so they could be photographed Candles Candles and the cross In the Church of Reconciliation in Taizé The cross in the Church of Reconciliation The window in the church in Taizé (The photo was taken mainly for Barbara who liked it very much) The night in Taizé, reflectors are shining onto the old church The night in Taizé, stars are shining onto the new church Our group in Taizé Our group visiting to Janice's in Cormatin Taizé after rain Katerina from Bohemia, Dawn from Chicago, Janice from England, Joap from Netherlands, Anna from Norway, Barbara from Deuch a Teresa from Canada

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